Meet Our Mentor

H.G. Bhadra Govind Prabhu ji and His wife H.G. Geeta Gamya Radhika Devi Dasi ji

Madhava’s is so great!

Madhava’s is perfect!

Madhava’s is ever joyful!

Yes, we are, first of all, to know us you need to know the means of Madhava’s. Madhava’s is “Beautiful Krsna” and Madhava’s means we are His, so we are the property of Lord Madhava.

So if he is great you will feel that greatness in us. If he is perfect then you will find a little perfection in us also. If he is joyful you will see the same in us. because he is the proprietor and the reason behind all the energies.

So all the glories go directly to him. When people applaud for us, we also applaud, but not for us, for the Divine source behind us. When you say you are doing very good, we simply accept yes we are doing so good because we know it’s not us, it’s Him! So all glories to the beautiful form of Madhava, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

But since we are fallen here in the world of quarrel and hypocrisy, even if we want to serve Krsna then our past missdeeds or impressions, which are gradually washing all out, will try to suppress us—will try to push us back. So we prayed to Krsna. Oh Krsna please help, we want to serve you but we are so conditioned, bound with our limitations, please help us. Oh Madhava, Oh Govinda, please help us. So he sent a Guru. 

A friend, a teacher, a father, a brother. In short everything in just one person. 

And that is how by the Mercy of Krsna, we found H.G. Bhadra Govind Prabhu ji and His wife H.G. Geeta Gamya Radhika Devi Dasi Mata ji as our siksha Guru, when we were so in need of a guru a teacher who could actually hold our hand and tell how to balance between both spiritual and material life. By staying under their association we came to know that it’s not two but rather it’s only one life, spiritual, we all are internally spiritual. It’s just like a dirty mirror and a clean mirror. We were all like a dirty mirror, then gradually he started cleaning the dust out of the mirror, to make us find our real self, the spiritual being, which has lost the identity by the accumulation of dust onto the real self and started assuming and living life on the basis of the dirty mirror and thinking oneself as a Materialistic or dirty mirror. 

Thank you so much Prabhu ji Mata ji, you are the most beautiful gift we have got from Krsna. 

The most practical, the most friendly, the most joyful, the most loving, the most caring, yea that you are, our unlimited talk time, with all time available. Guru, H.G. Bhadra Govinda Prabhu ji and H.G. Geeta Gamya Radhika Devi Dasi ji. 🙏 

Thank you so much for everything. Madhava’s loves you soooo much. 🙏

Glorification of our Rockstar Mentor H.G. Bhadra Govinda Prabhu ji

  • Always Available
  • Detects the disease and gives exact medicine to cure
  • Makes us understand the philosophy in the easiest and quickest way
  • Makes everyone laugh and smile (jolly and a great sense of humor. Reminds me of Papa)
  • Super duper practical
  • Life savior Guide
  • We pray to Krishna always for their whole family to be always so happy, healthy and serve Guru and Gauranga as they are already doing now. 🙏